“WTF” Logo NOT to Feature on DC’s April Gatefold Covers

The infamous WTF Logo, as released with the info for DC’s April Solicitations will NOT feature on the comics’ covers…

News & opinions have been flying wild after DC’s announcement of  its April  solicitations being under the banner of “WTF Month” – featuring Gatefold (fold-out) covers designed to make the reader announce the acronym out loud and story lines aimed at creating so-called “WTF moments” in all DC’s various New 52 solicitations in April.

Buzzfeed got the scoop, stating on the 30th January: “In April, DC promises a “What the…?!” moment in all their New 52 issues that will leave readers in a state of shock. To keep fans guessing, they’ve teased out partial covers.”

Every DCU title will feature the WTF certified stamp of approval this month—it’s a symbol of DC’s dedication to the retail community and to readers! And every DCU title this month has a WTF moment in it that’s going to leave readers in a state of shock! To show just how special these stories are, the entire array of DCU titles will feature fold-out covers!

An interesting idea both for marketing/sales and for the writers at DC, not to be too quickly dismissed as a thinly veiled attempt to connect to the “information generation” with an internet-coined phrase as a title for their April issues—personally, I like the idea of giving readers a cover that makes them want to read the issue cover to cover in order to understand the image’s importance; it’s a great opportunity for writer/artist teams to really show off what they can do with the characters we all know and love.

The big complaint came with the title itself—short of the obvious problem of explaining what the ‘F’ stands for to the younger audiences DC is trying to attract, “WTF Certified” seems to give a kind of cheap feel to what could have otherwise been a great DC Universe event—by dressing the idea in a pseudo-internet meme and parading it around news outlets.

Justice League #19 Gatefold Cover Preview
Justice League #19 Gatefold Cover Preview

However, to the joy of nerds everywhere DC have today announced that the “WTF Certified” Logo will not appear on any of its April solicitations —showing DC really do listen to the fans, and the internet buzz surrounding their releases. Either that or someone in marketing & promotions finally thought the idea through and canned the logo before the obvious problems above made it all the way to print!

Newsarama also reported that at ComicsPRO, a retailer stated DC Comics would not be using the “WTF” Logo because they “didn’t need it.” They said: “The retailer tells Newsarama that DiDio went on to say that the books have attracted attention from the marketplace already, and that retailers and readers are now aware of the significance of the gatefold covers.”

Negative feedback from retailers & news outlets have probably contributed as well, as the abbreviated profanity featured in the title would have probably effected sales of all the various solicitations in April, with businesses opting out of the complex array of questions an eleven-year-old may ask regarding an array of “WTF Certified” issues on their shelves!

Check out the gallery below for some of the teaser images of April’s Gatefold covers – they do look very intriguing!