Wonder Woman movie will get an Oscar campaign

The Wonder Woman movie is about to break more records, with an Oscar campaign.

Wonder Woman was a box office and critical success back in May of this year. The film raked in over $700 million at the box office. The box office success made it the biggest movie ever to be directed by a woman.

As a result, Warner Brothers has decided to try and break even more records. According to a report by Variety, the WB film division is launching an Oscar campaign for the WW movie.

The Oscar campaign will focus on the Best Picture and Best Director for Patty Jenkins.

No superhero related film has ever managed to get into the running of Best Picture or Best Director. Despite the critical and box office success of the Nolan Batman films, they weren’t able to get even a nomination.

Recently, Suicide Squad was able to get an Oscar for make up, currently making it the only superhero movie to get one aside from the postumus Oscar which Heath Ledger received for Supporting Actor as The Joker.

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