WONDER WOMAN On Track To Crack Top Ten Superhero Movies Ever!

Wonder Woman proved an unexpected tour de force at box offices these last three weekends.  At most recent count, the film has made $275 million domestically, and has a worldwide gross of $572 million.

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman origin story currently ranks 24th worldwide, sandwiched between Iron Man at 23rd and X-Men: Apocalypse at 25th.  Domestically, it ranks 17th, just under Man of Steel‘s $291 million total.  Another incredible factoid: the film has the lowest second-weekend drop — 43.3% — of any superhero film since 2010.

The weekend drops for this film are important, because they allow us to project further sales for this film.  A 29.5% third weekend drop followed.  These drops are uncommonly good; similarly, the week-to-week drop of 41.8% is phenomenal.  These kinds of drops put it in the realm of Spider-Man, BatmanBatman Begins, and Thor.

So, to project the way the film may perform overall, I looked at averages of weekly drops for those four movies and used that average to determine drops for the first ten weeks.  My ten-week domestic total for Wonder Woman came to $374.5 million; considering the 48%/52% split in the current domestic/foreign grosses, that meant the world wide gross projection was $780 million.

Domestically, that puts Wonder Woman at #9 in the rankings for comic book movies, edging Spider-Man 2 down to #10.  Worldwide, the film would rank at #12 at ten weeks.

That said, there is no way in hell this film only runs for 10 weeks in theatres.  Realistically, a 14-week run seems the most likely.  Further calculations I made push the worldwide gross to roughly $791 million, and the domestic gross to roughly $380 million.  With those numbers, Wonder Woman would rank 8th domestically and 10th worldwide.

Please note that these calculations were done by hand and don’t take full account of Wonder Woman’s historic drops — the closest approximations and averages were used instead, since the film has been out for two and a half weeks.  At the end of the month, with more numbers in, I expect to know more.

Considering these numbers and the continuing over-performance of the film, I legitimately think Wonder Woman has the potential to break $800 million worldwide.  That said, we won’t know for sure until it does.

Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine and directed by Patty Jenkins, is currently playing in theatres.  The film surrounds Wonder Woman’s origins on Paradise Island, her life interrupted by the arrival of Steve Trevor, an American spy.  When he brings word of the Great War, she takes up arms to save humanity from itself — but can she?  Film premiered June 2, 2017.


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