WONDER WOMAN Ad Campaign Outstripping Suicide Squad; Will Ramp Up in May

Be not afraid, Wonder Woman fans! Sources for TheWrap have stated that the marketing for Wonder Woman will ramp up in May, once the Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters and its marketing dies down a little.

This comes in conjunction with Vanity Fair reporting that the amount spent for Wonder Woman‘s TV ad campaign beats out the campaign for Suicide Squad last summer. Suicide Squad‘s campaign cost $2,645,643, but the Wonder Woman campaign cost DC and Warner Brothers $3,043,212, outstripping Squad by roughly $400,000.

Good news for Wonder Woman fans, who fretted en masse last week that DC was underselling the June 2 release, the first major superheroine film since Elektra flopped in 2005. Diana will, for better or for worse, define the narrative surrounding female-led superhero pictures, and if it does poorly, that could have massive consequences for Captain Marvel, Batgirl, and Gotham City Sirens, all of which are in development right now.

So, some hard numbers about the effort put in for this movie’s marketing will hopefully calm some frayed nerves, especially considering all the other reasons not to worry about the marketing campaign.

The first glimpses of this ramped-up strategy came tonight with a new TV spot, embedded below:

In this TV spot, we see some badass combat from Diana, and a dry, witty humor from Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor and Lucy Davis’s Etta Candy.  Wonder Woman fans, I think, have nothing to be afraid of, if this is where we’re starting the month of May.

Also, as Kristen O’Hara, the chief marketing officer of Time Warner put it, the slow and steady ad campaign for Wonder Woman takes its cues from the Supergirl ad campaign. Market segmentation is a huge part of that, and it’s clear that there is special focus on getting women and girls amped about Wonder Woman.

So, overall, I think that we can look forward to significant hype in the next four weeks, and I, for one, can’t wait to see it.


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