Wolverine To Get Weekly Infinite Comic Release

Starting this summer July 9th, Infinite Comics will be releasing a weekly thirteen-chapter series as announced by Marvel’s House of Ideas panel at SXSW. Wolverine is the first of four characters who will be kick starting a weekly journey digitally through mobile devices. Featuring talented creators such as Jason Aaron, Jason Latour and Paco Diaz, Wolverine will be taken back east were he will be faced with great adversaries in this new title, Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted. He will face deadly hordes of vicious ninjas, the cunning Silver Samurai, and his most fearsome foe, the crazed Sabertooth! Will this story tie into the other three weekly titles, or will this be another solo adventure for Wolverine? You can only find out when you digitally download this series on your mobile device Tuesday July 9th.

For more on Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted check out Marvel’s official press release below.






Wolverine Launches New Weekly INFINITE COMICS Series!

Four Premiere 13-Chapter Series Featuring Leading Marvel Superheroes and Creators


New York, NY—March 11, 2013—Get ready for a weekly comics experience featuring the most popular super heroes by the most talented creators, in an innovative format that will leave you demanding more! Announced yesterday at the Marvel House of Ideas panel during SXSW, beginning Tuesday July 9th Marvel will release a new Infinite Comic every week for an entire year spotlighting four of Marvel’s biggest characters in a 13-chapter series. Designed specifically for mobile devices and fully embracing the technological opportunities, Infinite Comics are the first to treat these devices as a new canvas, creating comics designed for a new generation of users. Not only will these new Infinite Comics will feature some of the most popular heroes in comics today but they’ll also boast some of the best creative talent in the industry!

To kick things off, fans are in for the ride of their life as superstar creators Jason Aaron, Jason Latour and Paco Diaz take Wolverine back to the Far East in Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted. The Silver Samurai has his sights set on Wolverine and will do anything he can to get rid of him, including unleashing a horde of deadly ninjas, and the mutant mass murderer–Sabretooth!

“We call these Infinite Comics because the storytelling possibilities are, frankly, infinite,” said Alonso. “Perfect for new readers, but also set in current continuity to provide interest for long time fans, Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted follows right in line with the premium content fans have come to expect in this new medium. Throw in top creative talent and these Infinite Comicsbecome a force to be reckoned with.”

Ignited by the red-hot success of Infinite Comics in 2012, and combined with the demand from fans and creators who saw a world of infinite potential in this new format, these stories are designed specifically for mobile devices and fully embracing the technological opportunities.

“Following the critical acclaim we had with Avengers VS. X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man last year, we wanted to take advantage of the technical aspects of the digital reading experience take it to the next level,” explained Peter Phillips, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group. “By providing these comics on a weekly basis, we are furthering our commitment to bringing a new kind of digital reading experience to a wider audience than ever before.”

This is first time Marvel has ever offered all-new weekly digital comics content, and this June–Marvel is doing it style!

“Wolverine is one of our most popular characters both in and out of comics,” explained David Gabriel, SVP of Publishing, Print & Digital Sales. “What’s great about kicking off our weekly series with Wolverine, we’re hoping new fans might find interest in other stories featuring him and head on out to their local comic shops for more!”

Available right at your fingertips, these new Infinite Comics will be available on the Marvel Comics app (for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® & AndroidTM devices) and online in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop!