COMMENTARY: Wolverine Might Die


Wolverine has long been one of the go-to staples of the Marvel universe but, based on recent information teased by Marvel, that might come be about to change.

I’m being purposefully misleading, of course, as there is no way Marvel would actually cast off one of their flagship characters. However, if the recent Superior Spider-Man arc has revealed anything, it’s that Marvel isn’t scared to take creative risks with some of their most popular characters. With Superior Spider-Man, we had a very successful and interesting take on a beloved character and Marvel could be gearing up to do something similar with Wolverine.

Writer Paul Cornell (no relation to Chris Cornell although that would be awesome) just finished the “Killable” story arc and is apparently moving onto possibly killing Logan with the next title, “Three Months to Die,” You just know something big is going to happen when Editor in Chief Axel Alonso says something like, “If the title sounds ominous, it’s for a good reason.”

For those dirty monkeys who missed the lead up, Wolverine recently had his powers taken away by a sentient bacteria and then heroically gave up those powers to kill it. Now, it is unlikely that our favorite Canadian will die permanently, given that Wolverine is part of 72 monthly comics, (I’m not sure if this is the real amount but until someone counts all his comics I’m going to stand by it) but the event could be far reaching for the marvel universe and all the teams he is a part of. I’m especially curious to see what will happen now that Jason Aaron is done with the Wolverine and the X-men.

Pick up “Wolverine #8” in March and keep up as there are only three issues out now.