West Coast Ports Dispute Delays All IDW Titles


An ongoing labor dispute between port workers and the companies which operate ports up and down the west coast has come home to roost for fans of IDW Publishing.

The independent comics publisher announced on Friday that all of their titles which were scheduled to ship this week would be delayed due to the complete shutdown of ports along America’s west coast.

The labor dispute has been growing for months, with port operators and dock workers failing to come to terms on a new contract after the previous contract expired in mid-2014.

Per the New York Times, The White House announced yesterday that it would take the unusual step of intervening in negotiations due to the development of an increasingly antagonistic environment between operators and workers.

“For several weeks, the owners — blaming unannounced labor slowdowns for congestion in the dockyards — had canceled night shifts for the loading and unloading of vessels. Then they said they were halting unloading altogether last weekend, Thursday, and Saturday, Sunday and Monday over this holiday weekend. The owners, dominated by large foreign-owned fleets, said they did not want to pay time-and-a-half weekend and holiday wages for sluggish work — what the maritime association called a “strike with pay.””

IDW stated that the following titles, initially slated for release on February 18th, would be pushed back to February 25th by the delay.

  • Airboy Archives Vol. 3 TP
  • Creature Cops Special Varmint Unit #2
  • D4VE #1
  • Dead Squad #4
  • Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #2
  • Garbage Pail Kids: Love Stinks
  • G.I. Joe Vol. 1: The Fall of G.I. Joe TP
  • Haunted Horror #15
  • Joe Frankenstein #1
  • Judge Dredd Anderson– Psi-Division TP
  • My Little Pony Adventures in Friendship Vol. 2 HC
  • TMNT New Animated Adventures #20
  • Zombies vs Robots #2

The announcement has raised questions from readers over the publisher’s choice to print its titles abroad as opposed to domestically or regionally within North America.

For more information, check out the in-depth report from NBC News.

Josh Epstein

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