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Ever wondered what lies beneath the shiny surface of Las Vegas?  It’s not gold, nor is it diamonds, but silver, mined by the mutant denizens living in the underground city of Acanthity.  It’s here a young “entrepreneur” known as Luci Lavigne decides to settle down, picking up a job as bartender in the Cardshark Casino, owned by Sylvie Garcia.  Despite her affinity for sharks, Sylvie is not particularly confident, especially when it comes to confronting local moneylender, Mr. DiMaggio.  Luci however is confident he can turn the situation to his advantage.  With his good looks, seductive charm, and snappy sense of fashion, plus the addition of a turncoat in DiMaggio’s organization, Luci knows nothing can go wrong.  After all, in Las Vegas, anything is possible.

Luci, the star of the comic.
Luci, the star of the comic.

Written and drawn by Emily Smith (aka Cryptovolans), Quick$ilver follows the misadventures of an entertainer-cum-bartender.  The story opens in medias res with Luci narrating his story in an extended flashback.  The majority of dialogue with other characters is dictated via Luci’s commentary and stream of consciousness.  While limiting the development of other characters, as the reader defines them through Luci’s perspective rather than through their own, this style fits with Luci’s self-absorption.  The writing is sharp and witty, revealing a fast-talking and quick-thinking character who observes everything with a wry sense of humor.

Simply put, the art is gorgeous; Smith’s style can only be described as fluid, with the backgrounds flowing in a smooth progression from one scene to the next.  At times sharply defined, sometimes soft and amorphous, the color scheme is mostly on the cool side of the spectrum, with blue and violet colors.  The lines alternate between in and out of focus, usually when Smith places emphasis on the foreground.   The characters are stable in perspective, although they are just as liquid as the backgrounds.  While the story has not yet progressed very far, the artwork is something to look at on its own, making this one of the best-drawn comics on the scene.

Luci trying to reassure Sylvie.
Luci trying to reassure Sylvie.

This story taking place in Las Vegas, both above and below ground, there are scenes with sexual depictions, from scantily clad dancers to bedroom play, not to mention language, and violence.  While Smith does not have graphic depictions, the innuendos and insinuations are well placed, so a Not Safe For Work rating is best, along with a 16+ reader rating.

Updating every Tuesday, Quick$ilver tells the story of a not-so-naïve bartender in the underworld of Las Vegas.  You can read it at Quick$ilver.com.

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