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Yet another Pixie Trix creation, Ménage à 3 (abbreviated as Ma3 by fans) is a rom-com soap opera about one guy who just wants to get laid, his two sexy female co-renters, and all the adventures they have and trouble they cause in the Montreal area.

By day a call-center worker, by night aspiring cartoonist, Gary, is just looking for a girlfriend. When his roommates, Matt and Dillon, hook up and move out, his “Roommates Wanted” ad produces two different but desirable girls: Zii, down-and-out rock musician, and Didi, Amazonian beach-babe. Didi, seemingly unaware of her beauty, is looking for the one man who can please her in bed. As for Zii, she’ll sleep with anything that moves; she also makes it her mission to get Gary laid once and for all. Thrown into the mix are Zii’s stalkers and ex-lovers, Sonya and Yuki, who both also want Gary; Didi’s fellow waitress Sandra, who can’t date a guy unless she’s drunk; Kiley, who likes Gary, is Yuki’s therapist, and in a relationship with Matt; and Jung, Gary’s friend and confidant, who loves watching the mayhem. In a tiny apartment, with thin walls, anything can (and does) happen.

Yuki (L) and Sonya (R), with Gary along for the ride
Yuki (L) and Sonya (R), with Gary along for the ride

Team Pixie Trix regulars David Lumsdon and Gisèle Lagacé are the story writers (using the pseudonyms David Zero 1 and Giz, respectively), with Lagacé on art duty as well. The art is similar to all Pixie Trix designs, black and white with gray shading, in a three to four panel format. At the beginning of the series, the style was a more exaggerated design, often giving the characters a “younger” look, but has since evolved to a more realistic quality, allowing the characters to mature (at least physically). Unlike the series in the Eerie Cuties universe, Ma3 is Not Safe For Work, featuring nudity and some partial sex scenes.

Zii revealing her surprising history
Zii revealing her surprising history

Similar to a soap opera, there are constant cases of mistaken identity, along with subplots going hilariously wrong. The humor is well written, using elements of slapstick and cerebral, but never relying too heavily on either. The characters balance out well, cycling through all emotions on the spectrum, and constantly evolving in their relationships. The soap opera style allows multiple storylines to coexist without losing the reader’s interest.

A funny and raunchy romp for adult readers, Ménage à 3 has been around for eight years, and shows no signs of ending soon. Six print volumes have been released, with online updates three times a week. You can read the continuing story at Ma3comic.com.

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