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So what happens when you mix a lovelorn high schooler, his persistently cheerful little sister, a succubus in training, said succubus’ friend, and a klutzy angel? Dangerously Chloe, a webcomic about finding true love, in this life and the next.

Once again from Pixie Trix Comix, Dangerously Chloe is a spin-off from Eerie Cuties, where once-main character Chloe Love, prepubescent succubus, is sent to Hell for further training. For her first field mission, she simply has to a create a blood-pact with a mortal, become his girlfriend, and suck out his soul. Only the subject is Ted Decarlo, who tinkers with machines and dreams of having a girlfriend. Despite her better judgement, Chloe decides to help Ted find the love of his life, therefore avoiding the soul-devouring part. But only if Chloe can keep him clear of Pandora and Lucretia, two of her classmates who like flirting with and eating human males. On top of everything else, Prudence (Cherub Class Angeloid) is determined to arrest Chloe for crimes against Heaven. Throw in Ted’s younger sister Abigail, who is just beginning to realize that boys are not so icky, and it makes for one crazy year.

Ted and Chloe, the two main characters
Ted and Chloe, the two main characters

As with all of Pixie Trix produced webcomics in the Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks universe, the coloring is black/white/gray, with minimalist drawings. The writing is also similar in style: situational comedy with high-school aged children, light on the sexual innuendos. DC was created by David Lumsdon and Gisèle Lagacé, although Lumsdon is the current main writer, with Jason Waltrip on art.

Abby (Ted's sister) and Prudence (an angel)
Abby (Ted’s sister) and Prudence (an angel)

Although it follows the same formula of slapstick and sitcom tropes, there is less focus on magic, the humor coming from the succubi’s and angels’ attempts to pass for human, and the consequences when the humans get caught up in their schemes. The two storylines work well together: Ted’s search for a soul mate, with Chloe trying to pass her demon training are complimenting as standalone stories, but work well when they intermingle. There are some slight sexual innuendos, but similar to Eerie Cuties and Magick Chicks, nothing too graphic.

While there are no print volumes available, the comic is online and updates regularly. You can read the newest pages at Dangerouslychloe.com.

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