Webcomic Wednesdays: Cucumber Quest

In Cucumber Quest, Cucumber wants to go study magic, while his sister Almond wants to be a knight.  So when the bunny siblings stop invaders from summoning the legendary Nightmare Knight to save the Donut Kingdom, they follow the plan exactly… until Almond decides having a 500,000 year old demon to fight would be more exciting.

With Dreamside in peril, Cucumber, who would rather be studying than adventuring, must travel with his wannabe-knight sister, the cowardly Sir Carrot, and Princess Nautilus of the Ripple Kingdom to capture the Disaster Masters, defeat the Nightmare Knight, and restore peace to the seven kingdoms.  Thwarting their motives is the evil Cordelia, conqueror of the Donut Kingdom, and her minion, Peridot.  But as both sides draw nearer to the final battle, one question becomes clear:  who exactly is the Nightmare Knight, and what is his purpose?  And can Cucumber defeat him, or will he find a different way to end the nightmare?

Sir Carrot comforting Princess Nautilus and Cucumber, while Almond looks on

Besides the bunnies who serve as main characters, Cucumber Quest is different from the typical hero-adventure story, mainly in the meta-commentary the characters love to throw around.  Cucumber, or Cuco, seems to be the only sensible person in all of Dreamside, finding it unbelievable his more capable sister isn’t chosen for the task.  Or that everyone seems so intent on fighting when talking would make things easier.  That said he isn’t afraid to use his magic to defeat an enemy, particularly when his sister is threatened.  Almond, in contrast, is hot-headed and reckless, using a fists-first approach to diplomacy, and everything else in general.  Despite their differences, the siblings are very close.  Gigi D.G., the writer and illustrator, allows for wonderful emotional scenes between the siblings and is not afraid to show young child-characters dealing with heavy subjects.  The same goes for all other characters, whether it’s Sir Carrot braving his fears for his love or the unlikely affection shared by Cordelia and Peridot.  In fact, the entire story line could be about the unlikely relationships that bind people together and the emotional fallout that results.

The Nightmare Knight and Queen Cordelia

As befitting the whimsical nature, D.G.’s artwork is soft and colorful; instead of using lines to create harsh comparisons, the colors blend together, recreating a watercolor effect.  A slight anime influence is noticeable, particularly in the eye-face proportions; being anthropomorphic, the bunny-people resemble more humans with rabbit-features, such as the ears and fur-coloring, but have human anatomy, characteristics, and personalities in all other respects.  Again, despite the cuteness, D.G. is not afraid to set aside the charming and include somber emotions when the story calls for it.

Cucumber Quest is a cute story about cute bunnies going on a not-so-cute adventure.  Read the comic at Cucumber.gigidigi.com.

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