Webcomic Wednesdays: balderdash!, or a tale of two witches

Georgie is a witch who loves baking.  Her wish is to study under renowned baker Fausto, so she leaves her northern home and journeys to River Valley.  Afia is a scholar living and studying in the city of Bakunini.  Learning she has the gift of Witchsight, inherited from her seer grandmother, Afia journeys along the Merle River to Löffel , wanting to learn more about her talent.  Through a strange set of circumstances, including chasing a loose googtroll, these two young girls become friends, all while living in the little town of Löffel.

Afia (L) and Georgie (R) meet


Created by Victoria Grace Elliott, balderdash!, or a tale of two witches is a story about two girls who are finding their way in the wide, wide world.  Both Georgie and Afia know what they want:  Georgie to become a master baker, Afia a wise seer.  Elliiot writes her characters as true people, with flaws.  Georgie is determined, but has a short-temper, becoming easily frustrated.  Afia, though confident in her opinions, often avoids conflict, preferring to run away than face her problems.  Although young, they still forge toward their goals, despite the setbacks.  Though a medievalesque setting, Elliott has characters of all colors and orientations in a fantasy world where everyone is free and equal in representation.  There is some prejudice however in the differences between witches and humans, as many humans see magic practitioners as aloof from human proceedings.  Georgie faces that criticism from several townsfolk, even within the bakery.  Afia comes from a tolerant area, but resents the academic restrictions placed on magic, wanting to learn tenets frowned upon by the academics.

Georgie arriving in Löffel

Drawn and colored in a whimsical fashion, with soft lines and hues, the world of balderdash! is fashioned after a small central-European country, with cottages for the small towns and large stone bridges and brick buildings for the city.  In keeping with the period, technology is powered by hand, nature, or magic, evoking a time when the world was still being explored.  The differences between country and city are evident in the clothes worn by the main characters.  Georgie, coming from a small farm in the mountains, wears peasant dress with rustic designs, while Afia wears fashionable clothes, though she leaves off the accessories as she travels deeper into the rural areas.

The aforementioned googtroll

A character-driven narrative about two girls growing up, balderdash!, or a tale of two witches is a story of magic and friendship.  Read it at Balderdashcomic.com.

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