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Ava is a lonely girl living on one of Titan’s reeducation planets.  Although she technically has one “friend”:  a ghostly demon who has followed her since birth, causing trouble at every step.  Up until now, Ava has managed to ignore her demon.  But then the scavengers come and destroy the planet, leaving Ava near death.  Just when all seems lost, the demon, Wrathia, reveals she is connected to Ava for life, unless they make a pact to find and kill the enigmatic Titan.  With no other choice, Ava accepts and the two souls merge.  With her new-found powers, Ava must find the other demons of Wrathia’s army, hosted in human bodies, defeat Titan, and bring down his galaxy-wide empire.

Ava and Wrathia
Ava and Wrathia

Created by Michelle Czajkowski, Ava’s Demon is an inventive comic.  Having worked in animation studios, Czajkowski draws the comic in the format of a colored storyboard for a movie.  Each page is a panel, which represents a “screenshot” of the would-be film’s timeline.  Now and again, she uses a short static animation for dramatic sequences, set to music.  Although billed as a sci-fi comic, Ava’s Demon has fantasy elements, similar to older science fiction mediums where technical details were eschewed for the mysterious.  Wrathia, though clearly an alien, experiments with potions and soul-binding, leading to her relationship with Ava.  Other alien characters display abilities to summon fairylike creatures or create plants at will.  One even uses the word “magic” to describe his impossible feats.  However, the setting is clearly a cyber-dystopia, with space travel and computer technology in common use.

The art shows off Czajkowski’s animation skills, looking like individual cels ready for the film strip.  The color is vivid, even in subdued shades, with light and shadow used extensively.  Each character has a color scheme, matching their powers and abilities.  Ava, bound to a fire-demon, is red, orange, and yellow, similar to a fire.  In the first chapters, when still unbound, she is a muted rusty-red, gaining more hues when she merges with Wrathia.  The non-demon characters are human in shape, with other alien species showing slight differences, such as a single eye or blue skin.  In contrast, the demons have fanciful forms, again in keeping with their powers, which keep them together.

Nevy, a water-demon, with Gil, a ward of Titan
Nevy, a water-demon, with Gil, a ward of Titan

A comic told in a new format, Ava’s Demon is a story for sci-fi, fantasy, and animation fans alike.  Read it at avasdemon.com.

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