Webcomic Wednesday: The Tea Dragon Society

In a simpler time, things took longer to make, and no one minded the wait.  But as the world moves to a different pace, older traditions become less significant.  In the case of Tea Dragons, the knowledge might just be forgotten.

Though blacksmiths are not as common nowadays, Greta is still learning the art from her mother.  One day, she finds a lost Tea Dragon, a living creature infused with plants, which when harvested produce the most delicious teas.  Intrigued, Greta is ecstatic when Hesekiel, the main caretaker, offers to train her in the care and keeping of the dragons.  She also meets Minette, a young seer who has lost her memory, and they quickly become friends.  Greta enjoys her time with the dragons, but is sad that she might be one of the last to care for them in the slowly diminishing Tea Dragon Society.

Greta, a blacksmith apprentice

Created by Katie O’NeillThe Tea Dragon Society is set in a fantasy world where goblins, humans, and other creatures live in peace.  The story is about a young girl, Greta, learning and exploring her world, while enjoying time with her friends.   The art is similar to cutout animation, resembling a whimsical storybook.  The characters inhabit a world of bucolic pastels, showing influence from European and Asian art.  While there is some pre-Industrial technology present, the world is still filled with magic and runs at a slower pace than our own.  Though there is some action when past memories are brought up, the story and characters are focused on going about their days, happy and content.  It is a cheerful story and a relaxing read, a perfect companion to a cup of tea.

Hesekiel greeting Jasmine, his tea dragon

O’Neill has been creating comics for several years and has been featured in several anthologies.  Her previous comics and art is available on her website, StrangelyKatie.com.  You can read Greta’s further adventures with the tea dragons at TeaDragonSociety.com.

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