Valiant Promotes Josh Johns to Director of Digital Media & Development

Valiant Comics has, since its relaunch in 2012, quickly become one the best-managed brands in comics.

With a keen eye towards tight publishing schedules, print runs which almost inevitably sell out, and a library of intellectual property mined from its previous iteration, the independent publisher has carved out a solid niche for itself in an incredibly crowded comic book market.

Josh Johns, Director of Digital Media & Development, Valiant Comics
Josh Johns, Director of Digital Media & Development, Valiant Comics

One of the key figures in making Valiant work since it was resurrected is Josh Johns. With extensive industry experience stemming from his time at Marvel and Gaijin Studios (a Georgia-based collective of freelance comic book creators), Johns was instrumental in helping draw both old and new readers into Valiant’s titles. With the company now moving into the live-action and digital entertainment spaces, Valiant is promoting from within, and today named Johns Director of Digital Media and Development.

The new position will draw on Johns’ experience in developing Valiant’s online and social media presences, and see him focus on the expansion of the company’s brands into the digital space, specifically the recently-announced Ninjak VS The Valiant Universe digital-only live-action series, set to debut next year.

In a statement to the press, Valiant CEO and Chief Creative Officer said of Johns ” For several years, Josh’s ambition and innovative eye have exposed the company to an entirely new audiences, while still keeping us closer than ever to our dedicated fan base. In his new role, Josh’s passion and dedication will continue to open up new opportunities, projects, and partnerships dedicated to creating new fans and readers of Valiant.”

The task Johns faces is no small one. As Valiant continues to grow its share of the print market task of challenging the high-powered live-action machines of Marvel and DC, backed by Disney and Warner Brothers (respectively) will be incredibly difficult. Last year Valiant entered into a partnership with Sony and Chinese media giant DMG to produce and distribute live-action content. The aforementioned Ninjak project is the first of those projects to bear fruit. The announcement of Johns’ elevation is likely indicative of more moves coming in the near future, so Valiant will be a company to pay very close attention to in the weeks and months to come.


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