REVIEW: “Uncanny X-Force #25”

After the convoluted and unfortunately-drawn magic goats from the previous chapter, things are beginning to look up for Marvel’s most murderous mutants! With a $4.99 admission price, however, this book is only for the most forgiving of fans.


Let me begin by saying that the main installment of this issue is the tasty juice. It is very much what we’ve come to love about the series. Deadpool believes he’s a Hollywood film maker and tries to finance his new movie, appropriately titled Speed Boat, Night Life, Cocaine. Psylocke takes the walk of shame from Fantomex’s room to the X-Cavern’s exit, seemingly quitting the team, and Fantomex follows suit. (He wasn’t that bad, was he?) Nightcrawler asks Logan to help him kill another villain who escaped from the Age of Apocalypse reality. And finally, we see the resurrection of a fan-favorite villain with a slight twist. A lot of promising plot threads leave me with high hopes for the series that used to be a dare not miss.

The talented Mike McKone fills in for Jerome Opeña this issue. The experience is not unlike going to see your favorite band perform and waiting while you listen to the opening band play—not a bad experience but not why you came. Opeña has brought such a masterful dark and gritty style to the series that McKone’s light, clean pencils may strike one as an odd fit. Bring out the main act, already!

There are also two back-up stories featuring older material by Remender and Opeña, starring both Wolverine and Deadpool, respectively. Neither does much to center attention on the main series, and by the end of two lackluster stories I was left wishing I wasn’t forced to pay extra for them.

For those of you thinking about checking it out for the first time or for those who might have dropped it in recent months, it’s safe to say UXF has started taking steps in the right direction. But if I see one more magic goat I’m saying deuces.