Todd McFarlane is making a Spawn movie with Jason Blum

Todd McFarlane is making a new Spawn movie with Jason Blum.

More news from Comic Con International has Todd McFarlane saying he is coming back to the big screen with a Spawn movie. With the help of Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, a studio known for its horror films, the character is coming back from the dead.

After speculation mounted from McFarlane counting down his panel at Comic Con this weekend, an announcement was finally made. No details on who would play the titular character were announced at the panel. However McFarlane says he’ll be writing the script, which I’m sure will make many fans happy.

This isn’t the first time a Spawn movie has come to the big screen. Back in 1997, New Line created a film before the current superhero revolution of cinematic universes.

Fan reaction to the previous film was largely negative even though many praised the visual effects for the time. Given how special effects have changed, I’m guessing they’ll be upping their game for the new film.

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