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Captain America defiant

First and foremost Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Period. That’s the end of the sentence because do I really have to say anything more? Really? Ok fine then. Basically, it did absolutely wonderful at the box office, number one worldwide and did spectacular for an April release, beating that months previous records. It has also reached high critical praise with an almost 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes for whatever that site’s opinion is worth to ya. It was even so big that we at Capeless wrote not one but TWO pieces on it. That’s when you know you’ve hit the big time. It was a climactic spy thriller that sets up some interesting events for the second avengers movie next year. Which brings me to…

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Spoiler Warning. It seems that S.H.I.E.L.D  has been disbanded at the end of the Captain America movie. Well what does this say for the show Agents of Shield. I mean it has Shield right there in the name. So does that mean the admittedly poorly performing show has been canceled? Well not likely but if you want to hear some actors telling you that the now aired episode Turn, Turn, Turn episode will be BIG then we shall provide. (Also while important to the show ratings are still low.)


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Onto some real journalism type stuff. I was actually part of a little live blog with Marvel which told us some more about the Original Sin event debuting next month. I have to say that I’m finally hyped about this thing. What got me is that this year’s event isn’t written by one person. While that might not sound like much it might be one of the smarter decisions Marvel has made in awhile. In the past Marvel has had a single writer and a group of people create the “event” storyline and every other writer had to shoe horn that event into their own comic lines, whether their comic had something more important going on or not. By having this story written by a bunch of writers it means that each of them are free to do whatever suits their own comics as long as it fits into the general theme of shocking revelations.

Second they are taking a big risk on this one in terms of who they are making the centerpiece of the event about. The past events focused on mainstream characters but the lineup for this one seems just odd. Its actually a Young Avengers story which is just great because the creative team there is just awesome. Also Deathlock, Black Bolt, Doctor Doom and Howard the Duck will play big parts in the series and probably get their own titles. HOWARD THE FUCKING DUCK!!! Are you kidding me? Literally I thought they were trolling us at the liveblog but no, this is the direction Marvel is heading and I one for applaud them. They are either going to crash and burn spectacularly on this one or they will use the creative struggles to push through and give us all something we never even could have dreamed of. Something involving Howard the Duck. I’m in.


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