THE UNTAMED: A SINNER’S PRAYER is set to release a full graphic novel edition.

43f4928b9ceb961c8afd25713bb0e9a1_largeStranger Comics has set in motion for their hellish tale of vengeance, THE UNTAMED, to be released in an oversized  hardcover edition for the complete series.

The complete graphic novel will be releases via Stranger Comics, pushed by a Kickstarter campaign that has gained 376 backers so far for the project.

Written by Sebastian A. Jones and art done by Peter Bergting, THE UNTAMED follows a Stranger who has been given a second chance after death and has been released from Hell. The Stranger has been given seven days to reap the seven souls responsible for the murder of his wife, child and himself, but has little recollection of his past life, given only glimpses of the life that was taken from him.

THE UNTAMED has received critical acclaim for the series already:

Day 7 of 7 "The Devil Will Have His Due" by Hyoung Taek Nam
Day 7 of 7 “The Devil Will Have His Due” by Hyoung Taek Nam

“Sebastian A. Jones’ THE UNTAMED is what we fantasy fans have been starving for — a completely original dark and gritty thriller set in a brutal world that delivers on all levels.”- ANDREW COSBY (Co-Founder of BOOM! Studios, 2 Guns, Creator of Eureka)

“Peter’s one of my favorite working artists today. Fluid storytelling with an eye for acting and mood.”- RICK REMENDER (Fear Agent, Punisher)

“The team is very excited to share The Untamed: A Sinner’s Prayer and have put a lot of work into this project,” said Richard Boom, CEO of the BOOM Art Department, said in a press release.

An animated video was made of the first issue of the series staring actor Ed Quinn (True Blood) as The Stranger. Ken  Locsmandi (The Matrix, Fight Club) produced the short as a collaboration between Stranger Comics/FilmworksFx.

THE UNTAMED hardcover graphic novel edition is set to be released on Mar. 19 for $29.99, but if people hurry they can donate only $25 to the Kickstarter they can not only get the hardcover edition of the graphic novel, but also receive art prints, original artwork, or some Stranger apparel.

Take a look at the short version of the animated video of THE UNTAMED below.