The New 52 Light?

Revealed Monday, Oct. 15th in DC’s January solicitations, four DC titles will be getting the boot. Books to receive a “Final Issue” will be Grifter, Blue Beetle, Legion Lost, and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

With the cancellation of these four titles, DC’s long running “New 52” instead becomes 48, so what are the four books that will replace them? We know that Geoff Johns’ new Justice League of America is debuting in February, bringing the count one closer to 52, but the three remaining spots are as-of-yet unaccounted for.

Scott Snyder’s untitled Superman series is due sometime in 2013 but with no mention of it being released in February chances are it won’t be. With no news of any other February debuting titles for 2013 at this week’s NYCC, we here at Capeless Crusader are left wondering: Is DC content with only 49 books?

Stick with us at Capeless Crusader as more New 49 details unfold.