Teaser Trailer for “Logan” Released

Today, 20th Century Fox released the teaser for Logan, the latest X-Men film due to be released on March 3rd. It’s been pretty much confirmed by all involved that this is star Hugh Jackman’s last time popping the claws as Wolverine, the character that made him a breakout star when he first played the role in 2000’s “X-Men.”

The film is directed by James Mangold, who directed the character’s previous solo film, “The Wolverine,” which was almost a great movie for two full acts before degenerating into a schlocky mess in its climax. This teaser trailer feels like a much more contained, lean and emotional film. It may wind up being the film that Wolverine has long deserved; an R-rated brutal journey with a complicated character at the centre. In fact, it looks like the film Jackman has been longing to tell since about Wolverine since he took on the role.

Take a look at the pretty damn effective trailer below:

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