Some Classic Elements in ARROW

CW-Arrow-DC-Entertainment-Green-Arrow-no-costume-e1350527674739For those fans still suffering from some lingering grumpiness over DC Comics’ move to the New 52 continuity, this week’s episode of ARROW on the CW Network was a welcome walk down memory lane.

It was widely publicized that Wednesday’s show, “Muse of Fire,” showcased another wealthy masked vigilante. No, not the one you’re probably thinking of. The featured guest star was Helena Bertinelli. Ably portrayed by the icy Jessica De Gouw, Helena is a sort of twister mirror of Ollie himself. What was interesting to fans, however, was that the character’s backstory was constructed of elements key to her story before last year’s line-wide reboot.

arrow-huntress001-730x365Where the pre-New52 Helena Bertinelli, also known as the Bat-family’s Huntress, was the daughter of a mob boss who decided to take her own family down (just like the show), the modern version is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman from another dimension. Now, it’s not difficult to understand why the CW would choose to go the route they have. The ARROW show is heavily rooted in a “real” universe. The show’s producers have clearly stated that they have no intention of introducing super-powers or any of their attendant fantastical elements into the show, preferring to keep it grounded.

It should come as no surprise to fans of the character’s history that the writers chose to go this way. Geoff Johns co-wrote the episode, and his propensity to mine the histories of characters for their essentials is well documented. It should come as a welcome reminder for followers of the Huntress that the more things change…

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  • Arrow has been really good about including DC elements for fans to look forward to. China White, Deadshot, Deathstroke, and royal flush gang so far. And I can think of at least three other names that have been mentioned in the show that, while nothing may come of it this season, should have Green Arrow fans excited!

    • It also looks as if they’ll be putting Helena in costume for next week’s episode.