Sequart Examines Chris Claremont’s X-Men in “The Best at What He Does”

Sequart, the premiere organization for peer-reviewed comics scholarship, has turned their eye to arguably the greatest X-Men scribe in the title’s history: Chris Claremont.

Their new book on Claremont’s time with the mutant family, entitled “The Best at What He Does: Examining Chris Claremont’s X-Men”, takes on the monumental task of looking in depth at the writer’s seventeen year run at the helm of Marvel’s flagship title. At 296 pages, the book attempts to “analyze [sic] the trends, arcs, and themes that emerge throughout his landmark comics opus.”

Claremont’s run stands as one of the most significant in Marvel’s history, rendering analysis of his work key to understanding the cultural significance of the X-Men, to say nothing of the book’s importance to the overall arc of some of Marvel’s most important characters. At a time when the X-Men appear to have largely fallen out of favor at the House of Ideas, examining them in detail is beneficial for both fans and the industry at large.

In addition to being released in print, the in-depth analysis is available in digital for via the organization’s official page.


Josh Epstein

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