Scott Snyder Creates The Wake at Vertigo

As if it weren’t enough to be writing Batman, Swamp Thing, an unnamed Superman project for DC, and American Vampire for Vertigo, Scott Snyder announced at NYCC that he’ll be adding another brand new limited series to the imprint, The Wake. Not bad for a man who’s only two years into his comic book career!

Snyder will be joined by American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest collaborator Sean Murphy, with a release date scheduled for sometime in 2013. describes the book as being “set amidst the claustrophobic yet beautiful and sweeping ocean-scapes,” and that “a discovery is made that will reveal a secret mythology. Full of suspense and horror, THE WAKE is an underwater sci-fi epic like none other.”

In an interview with , Snyder described The Wake as “essentially a sci-fi horror [story]. It’s maybe 12 issues. It’s a maxi-series. With sort of an interesting story structure that I don’t want to give away. It focuses on a big revelation that happens under water. It’s sort of a deep-sea sci-fi horror epic, with elements of post-apocalyptic storytelling to it as well.”

Stay tuned to Capeless Crusader as more news on The Wake becomes available!