Is Robert Kirkman ending The Walking Dead comic or not?

Robert Kirkman may or may not be ending The Walking Dead comic.

In a recent panel on The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman appears to have said that he is ending the comic. He mentioned that he has an idea of how the comic will end and was actively working towards it. He didn’t give an expected end date for the comic. The AV Club reported the news on their website.

However, in a Twitter post shortly after the article came out, Kirkman clarified that he wasn’t working toward the end. He simply said he knew how it was going to end.

This is an interesting contradiction. Obviously Kirkman is the best person to know, however reports from a number of years ago said that Kirkman designed the comic in a way that would never end. However in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2013, he mentioned that he had ideas for several years of comics before he even published the first issue.

The Walking Dead comic began in 2003 and is one of the longest running comics of all time. Given how long it’s been going on, many fans have speculated how long it will last. This has also been an ongoing question for the TV adaptation on AMC which has divided many fans.

  • Leo Almeida

    I didnt know the “longest running comic” is only 14 years running