REVIEW: Dark Nights - Metal #1: Maddeningly Arcane, But With Promise

This isn’t just a review, it’s an admission. I’m afraid I have to tell you all that I’ve contracted an illness. And DC’s latest event title, Dark Nights – Metal #1, by Batman superstars Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, is the issue that made it clear to me that...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: Angelic #1 - A Wonderfully Weird Sci-Fi Fable

Angelic #1 is a kind of wonderful piece of weirdness. The first issue of the new science-fiction series from Image Comics, created by Simon Spurrier (“X-Men: Legacy,” “Cry Havoc,” Titan’s “Doctor Who” comics) and artist Caspar Wijngaard (“LIMBO”) is definitely one of the most unique concepts you’ll see. Its boldness...Read More »

REVIEW: Generations: Jean Grey/Phoenix is Inoffensive, Not Much Else

Full disclosure: I haven’t read anything from Marvel besides Iceman in many months.  I have no idea what’s happening with the Generations event, and so I’m going into Generations: Jean Grey/Phoenix basically blind.

The one-shot story follows teen Jean Grey as something drags her into the past.  There, she meets her...Read More »

REVIEW: Mister Miracle #1 - Escaping Reality With A Miraculous Debut

DC Comics has been absolutely killing it with their Jack Kirby tributes this year, which marks the 100th anniversary of the King of Comics’ birth. Not every project has been stellar, of course, but most have been bold in their own ways and all of them have displayed obvious...Read More »

ADVANCE REVIEW: ROSE #5 - Tightly Plotted, Enjoyable Heroic Fantasy

As a genre, Fantasy goes together with comics extremely well. Comics employ mythic archetypes to great effect, and part of what makes Rose #5 such a successful instalment of its larger ongoing storyline is the way in which writer Meredith Finch and artist Ig Guara continue to employ these...Read More »

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