Review: “Lazarus #5” Deviates from Linear Nature but Doesn’t Suffer


“Lazarus #5” wasn’t exactly what I was expecting from this series. For the most part Lazarus has been pretty linear from points A to B to C, etc.—storytelling that mainly focused on Forever, the Carlyle’s regenerating bodyguard/family member, and the backstabbing Carlyle family. This one, however, jumped around. We get a little more insight as to the upbringing that Forever faced. We see how she was conditioned not to question orders and to just do what she’s told. From this we know that at one point in her life she was just a normal little girl (albeit different), she evolved into the creature that she is now.

We also got introduced to some a family (?) of people, maybe serfs, who live on a farm and have requested help from one of the families. Even though they have paid money in, their house is demolished because help (that they paid for) doesn’t show up in time. I’m not sure of their roll just yet or if their misery is just a set up for something else that’s going to take place, but it doesn’t put some of the class difference into a little bit better perspective.

Now, do you see what I mean? The story is starting to deviate from it’s linear behavior before. We’re sometimes jumping all over the place. It makes it hard to follow at times (had to grab issue #4 to see what I’ve forgotten) when you’re reading as the issues come out but that doesn’t make it any less good. Loved it.

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