REVIEW: Grumpy Cat and Pokey #2 – Perfectly balanced entertainment

Dynamite’s continued adventures of Grumpy Cat and Pokey follow the same formula as the earlier issues featuring our two felines. Grumpy Cat is a narcissistic pessimist with little interest in helping her friend unless it benefits her. Pokey, on the other hand, is a gleefully naive idealist that is never afraid to challenge himself. That is, until this issue.

GrumpyCat2016-02-Cov-A-UyAs before, each issue contains three separate stories, and in the opening story by Royal McGraw and Michelle Nguyen we find our hopeless dreamer lovestruck with the new neighbourhood cat. We get some insight into Pokey’s psyche, and see that he’s not as happy go-lucky about everything as you might’ve thought. The story also features several brilliant references to 80’s romantic comedies, like Say Anything and Roxanne, as Grumpy guides Pokey in his quest to make the neighbouring cat fall in love with him.

The second story by Ben Fisher and Ken Haeser sees Grumpy attempting to entertain the neighbourhood pets with a magic show, with Pokey serving as her willing but perhaps not particularly capable assistant. Realising her skills aren’t as good as she thought, she resorts to an ancient book of magic for help, and hijinks ensue.

The final story by Ben McCool and Steve Uy finds Pokey convinced that aliens have descended upon their backyard, and he convinces Grumpy to help him investigate the mystical lights he saw earlier that night. Upon closer examination, Grumpy locates the real culprit behind the mystical lights, as well as finding a way to benefit from Pokey’s fascination with the lights.


With Grumpy Cat and Pokey #2 the creative team have found a perfect balance between story, jokes and visuals. It’s a fun comic to read, with visually pleasing artwork across all three stories and several amusing references for an older audience to enjoy. There’s some slight repetition in story structure, but it’s a minor issue that more detracts from the concept than the issue itself. As a kid’s comic, you can’t really get much better than this.

Grumpy Cat and Pokey #2 earns a perfect 10 out 10. 

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