REVIEW: FEATHERS #3 – A Darker Tone Looms

REVIEW: FEATHERS #3 - A Darker Tone Looms
Writer and art: Jorge Corona
Colours: Jen Hickman
Letters: Deron Bennett
Publisher: Archaia and BOOM!
Price: $3.99

So far Jorge Corona has not ceased to amaze me yet with Feathers. Not only have I fallen in love with Poe and his friends, but I have become deeply invested in the now critical plot point now that we’re halfway through Feathers’ six issue run.

Our feathered hero’s past is starting to come to light, even though it’s only a few subtle hints into how Poe came to be. Corona has had a knack through this series so far to give us little tidbits as to where Poe came from and what his destiny is holds. These subtle hints can sometimes be filler information, or a huge turn in the plot that shifts the tides completely.

Now chaos is surrounding Poe and his friends from all sides. For a book that’s geared towards a younger readership, Feathers is becoming exceptionally dark, especially now that we’ve gotten a closer look at our mysterious villain, that seems like he might finally emerge from the shadows.

Corona has gotten me to be more invested in Poe than I thought I would be when I started the series. He’s managed to make a young boy, who’s different than anyone else in this universe, to seem wiser than he should be, given his age. But don’t get me wrong, Corona gives Poe plenty of chances to act like a kid, giving him his rebellious moments. Poe’s character is developing rather quickly, but it’s rather hard not to assume that his curiosity will be the cause of the trouble that lies ahead of him and his companions.

Corona’s artwork continues to be simple yet flawless. Every panel catches the eye, with the action hardly ever ceasing. When the tone of the book changes, so does Corona’s art. He’s able to make the dark and serious scenes literally dark and tense, and the brighter moments that go on show as well, but continues to maintain the depravity of The Maze.

The two vastly different parts of the Feathers universe are on a crash course for each other as The City now knows about Poe’s existence in the search for Bianca, thanks to The Mice. It’s unpredictable as to what The City’s reaction will be to Poe, especially now that we know he has an uncanny resemblance to the mysterious Guide.

The Verdict

Jorge Corona continues to astound me in this immensely fun and intriguing epic. Every issue makes me crave more, and every time I’m rewarded with Feathers brilliant grace. It looks like a dark road ahead for our hero, and it should be interesting to see if his questions will be answered and his past revealed.

“Feathers” #3 gets 9/10