Review: “Daredevil #35” Slowly Builds Up to the Volume’s Finale

Daredevil 35 W
“Daredevil #35”
(W) Mark Waid
(A) Chris Samnee
Marvel Comics

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Samnee
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Price: $2.99

Daredevil is heading towards this volume’s big conclusion, and though the set-up is slow, issue #35 gets us ready with a major cliffhanger. Waid has built this conflict between Daredevil and the Sons of the Serpent for several issues, and it looks like Matt Murdock is about to make a huge sacrifice in order to defeat these dangerous enemies. We do see Matt confront the S.O.T.S. in unconventional ways here, and we see that they didn’t infiltrate the New York justice system so deeply by not being thorough, ruthless and efficient.

“Daredevil #35” sets its focus on Matt Murdock’s care for his loved ones. Whether he’s saving them, consulting with them or asking for help, they are the biggest motivator he has. When put in a situation where the right thing to do outright is unclear, Murdock’s choice is clear, to both us readers and those who would seek to manipulate him: pick the option that seems to aid the ones you care about.

Samnee is back penciling this issue and does his usual great job. There were a few panels that felt lacking in detail (specifically, people’s faces in big picture shots), but for the most part Samnee excels at drawing characters’ body language, as well as using shadows to convey environment and emotion. The way in which Daredevil’s radar and enhanced hearing are portrayed very well, with readers getting a real sense of what and how Matt senses his world, and the advantages and disadvantages of his powers.

“Daredevil #35” builds slowly but well to this volume’s big conclusion next issue. With a major cliffhanger, as well as several important plotlines to resolve, “Daredevil #36” has a lot to accomplish. Here’s hoping Waid and Samnee can continue their great work and give this volume the conclusion it deserves.

Verdict: 8.4/10


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