Review: “Daredevil #1” Beginning Of A New Chapter

Some SPOILERS for this issue and previous volume of Daredevil follow

Daredevil 01 (2014) Cover
“Daredevil #1” | [W] Mark Waid | [A] Chris Samnee | Marvel Comics | $3.99
The previous volume of Daredevil ended last month with an issue that was more of a transition than an end. Appropriately, this new #1 issue feels like a transition into a new situation, rather than a totally new beginning. True, Mark Waid and Chris Samnee give us some exposition to help new readers jump on, but it is very much a smooth continuation of Matt Murdock’s story.

Now living in San Fransisco and with his identity publicly known, Matt Murdock keeps on fighting for what’s right. Waid makes this new situation feel different. Both Daredevil and Matt Murdok are in a different place, literally as well as figuratively. Daredevil is fighting new villains in a new city, and he’s operating in new ways. The fact that he’s let Christine get involved in his super-hero life does seem to show a new openness from Matt Murdock (yes, of course he’d shared his super-hero side with Elektra before, but she’s also a costumed vigilante). Daredevil’s identity being publicly known will probably prove to have quite a few negative repercussions (we already heard of a small one in a line of dialogue), but I was also glad to see that there’s at least one big positive consequence to it; Daredevil can now have a working relationship with the police (in the open), and both sides can use each other’s help to strive for the greater good.

The end of this issue gives us an interesting but somewhat confusing cliffhanger. When last we saw him, Foggy was sick but alive, and this issue seems to be happening several months later. The character reactions in the last two pages do a great, subtle job in confusing readers, as many different scenarios could be thought of to explain what’s happening, and each one raises new questions.

“Daredevil #1” is a great first issue for veteran daredevil fans and quite a good first issue for new fans. If you want to start here, you’ll be able to, but I would suggest that you read the previous volume first; not only will it add to your enjoyment of this first issue, but it will create enjoyment on its own (it’s a great run)!

Verdict: 9/10


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