REVIEW: Burning Fields #1 – Bloody Good Stuff

Writer: Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel Art: Colin Lorimer BOOM! Studios Price: $3.99
Writer: Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel
Art: Colin Lorimer
BOOM! Studios
Price: $3.99

Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel, known for the critically acclaimed The Curse, have reunited for a different type of evil in “Burning Fields #1”. The book centralizes around the oil fields of Iraq, where someone has been killing the citizens in the town of KirKuk, as well as on the oil fields themselves. Dana Atkinson, a former military investigator, is approached by her former commanding officer to investigate the mysterious and gruesome murders in Iraq, and eventually is introduced to Detective Fasad, who is also investigating the murders in Kirkuk.

Burning Fields holds nothing back, drawing you in on the first panel alone. It shows us a bloody pair of pliers, with someone in the background begging for the mysterious attacker to not continue. The one with the pliers, whom I can only assume is the books antagonist, is reciting some ritualistic speech while torturing this person they have captive.

There’s a lot going on in this first issue, but the writers do a great and concise job keeping everything together and moving forward. The themes of the book are inexplicably clear, touching on the gruesome murders, dark pasts and political unrest. It certainly makes hints at the current affairs in Iraq, and is an eye opener when it makes you feel for how the native people or Kirkuk are treated by the military. It has a feel like Zero Dark Thirty. The book is definitely a political/ military drama, with a mysterious twist to it with these ritualistic killings. Although we’re left with a few questions in the end, Moreci and Daniel do a clean job of the character development and give us as much information as they can pack into one book. Lorimer’s artwork if impeccable, keeps darkness of the story with his shading in every panel. The blood and gore of the artwork actually make me turn away for a few moments to compose myself.

I’m not generally drawn to books like this, but I found it was executed well, and it drew me in, even though my distaste for politics. The writing and artwork drew me in, doing a tremendous job pushing the horror element forward to readers.

The Verdict:

 “Burning Fields #1″ draws you in right off the hop, but prepare your stomachs for some blood-curdling imagery. The characters draw you in and make you wonder about their pasts, and what will happen with the tension between them throughout the book. Definitely a geopolitical drama story, with a mix of a mystery, murder and horror, the book keeps your mind racing the more you read as you try to figure out what’s going on in Iraq. Burning Fields is a great book to pick up for those interested in a gritty, horror story that will pull you in right off the hop.

“Burning Fields #1” earns a bloody 9.5/10