Review: “Black Science #4” Packs Punch

Black Science #4 (w) Rick Remender (a) Matteo Scalera ( a) Dean White Image Comics
“Black Science #4”
(w) Rick Remender
(a) Matteo Scalera
( a) Dean White
Image Comics

What have you heard about Black Science? I’ve pretty much heard only two fields: “It’s okay but not really my thing” or “It’s fantastic; let me loan you my copy so you know the joy that is Black Science and will continue to buy your own stuff from here on out.” Which are you? I’m the girl that would loan you my copy. I’m so impressed with every issue. The story is intense and complicated, the art is beautiful and really sets the atmosphere, but honest to God, the pacing is what makes this so much different from other things I’ve read.

The first issue took place over about fifteen minutes. This hooked me. It’s not constantly like that but that feeling was revisited in #4. The first chunk of the book follows Ward, Shawn, and Kadir as they try to get to the pillar in the last two minutes before it jumps to a new dimension. I found myself reading faster than normal because I felt this urgency to get jump with them. Then after that the pacing slows way down because the immediate threat is gone. The creators of this comic know how to manipulate their readers, and it’s amazing.

Another thing they do is manipulate how you feel about characters. Kadir is the one I specifically have in mind from this issue. He’s terrible at the beginning, but then you get a few minutes of feeling like you’ve been too hard on him. Then issue #4 I’m back to loathing him. It’s a crazy ride.

Read this. If I know you personally, I’ll loan you my copy. Then you’ll go buy your own and help support Black Science.

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