REVIEW: Batman #3

Batman is one of the most iconic characters ever created. Some of the best comic book stories ever written revolves around Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, so it’s a nearly impossible task to write something long lasting. Something that stands out as memorable, creative, unique. Over the last couple of years, DC’s flagship title has been in the hands of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, who churned out some of the best stories of the entire New 52. With their legacy in mind, the pressure was high for the new creative team of Tom King and David Finch¬†to come out strong following the relaunch of the title.

Batman #3 Written by Tom King Art by David Finch & Danny Miki Published by: DC Comics
Batman #3
Written by Tom King
Art by David Finch & Danny Miki
Published by: DC Comics

While the previous team decided to start their run by introducing new villains, King decided to introduce new heroes to aid Bruce in his mission to protect his city in the shape of siblings Gotham and Gotham Girl. In the previous issues, Batman decided to accept their help and train them. Throughout this third issue, we’re given an introduction to part of their origin story. There’s still some questions left unanswered, but they feel like interesting characters. In this issue we’re also introduced to the villain behind a string of attacks in Gotham, and the issue ends with our newfound heroes having a run in with this villainous being.

Beyond Tom King’s tight script, David Finch, Danny Miki, and Jordie Bellaire deliver excellent artwork and colors. The art from Finch and Miki is explosive, yet grounded in a dreary sense of realism. Bellaire’s colors continue to prove why she’s one of the best colorists working today. Combined the art feels alive with emotion, a perfect companion to King’s excellent script.


The ongoing “I Am Gotham” arc continues to offer a creative insight into Gotham’s dark protector. It presents Bruce as a weathered warrior, a tired soul, painfully aware of where his chosen path will lead him and those who follow him. His newest cohorts are introduced as a last hope to save the city, though knowing the darkness that lurks in Gotham’s underbelly, it’s likely to be a lot more complicated than what it seems on the surface.



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