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With the release of Marvel Studio’s newest film Ant-Man, it’s not all that surprising that the company would make a new comic series for the title character himself. So was this a simple cash-in on an upcoming film, or, was it an entertaining story?

Ant-Man Vol. 1: Second-Chance Man by writer Nick Spencer and artist Ramon Rosanas, covers the first five issues of the series so far. The story follows the second Ant-Man Scott Lang, as he tries to start a new life in Miami, start a small business with ex-super villains as his employees, and do whatever he can to avoid his ex-wife and be the best father that he can be to his daughter Cassie. The first two issues focus on Scott’s current place in life while also starting up his business and issues three through five deal with typical superhero stuff involving an old foe from his past.

I honestly have nothing really negative to say about this book. I loved the art, the characters, and the humor.

All of the characters (except for Peggy who is meant to be unlikable) from Scott Lang the lovable loser, to his daughter Cassie, the Superior Iron Man, and even to Grizzly and Machinesmith (the two E list ex-super villains that Scott has in his employ) are a simply a joy to read about and always put a smile on my face whenever they do or say something funny. Even when they’re not being funny, there are genuine touching moments here or there provided by Scott mostly showing just how far he is willing to go to be a hero to the only person in his life that matters to him, his daughter

The art as well is simply astonishing. It’s incredibly rich, detailed, and colorful.

All of this combined with Spencer’s signature style of humor that has been carried over from his Superior Foes of Spider-Man series, really makes every issue and character in this book stand out on their own which makes everything about this book even better whenever a really witty or hilarious joke arises. I especially loved the parts when Scott tries to have a casual conversation with a normal civilian about stuff that happens in the superhuman community like being dead for a period of time or how he used to be in prison.

Any nitpicks that I did or might have had are easily forgettable and do not ruin or detract from this story for me in the slightest.


I don’t believe in a perfect comic, but in my mind this comes pretty close to one. Ant-Man Vol. 1: Second-Chance Man is an amazing book with a nice blend of witty and snarky humor along with some genuine dramatic and emotional moments. I think that anyone who is a fan of Ant-man, has become one thanks to the movie, or is just a fan of really good comics in general will really enjoy this book, hopefully as much as I did.

Ant-Man Volume 1 earns  10 out of 10

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