REVIEW: “Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #1”

Writers: Kent Osborne & Dylan Haggerty
Artist: Mad Rupert

“I Love To Party”
Artist: Britt Wilson & Missy Pena

What is Princess Bubblegum thinking?! This, like most Adventure Time stories, is completely crazy, and we’re only on part one. In all honesty, I love the randomness of Adventure Time. There’s always crazy shenanigans and things that leave you questioning the creator’s sanity. This issue was no exception. Although I am questioning the sanity of Princess Bubblegum. We’re about to see some changes in the Candy Kingdom thanks to Princess Bubblegum and her need for insomnia curing radishes. Yeah, that’s right. According to her, radishes are the perfect thing to eat if you can’t sleep. This leads to a proclamation involving the Banana Guard Academy and the citizens of Candy Kingdom.

This mini story arc is focused on the Banana Guard and their academy. Which is fine, except we didn’t really see much about the academy, nor did we see many bananas in this issue. I’m a little surprised there was no sign of Finn or Jake in this issue either. That could be due to me watching the cartoon so often. That aside, the majority of this story takes place in Candy Kingdom, which sounds like a dark place if you have ever watched Charlie the Unicorn go to Candy Mountain. If not, it still sounds like a dangerous place to live. Candy is delicious after all. Root Beer Guy narrates the story, but it comes across as talking to himself since he doesn’t really break the fourth wall. He also seems to be a bit of a creeper. Then again, I’m an adult reading way to far into a story for kids. I’m OK with all of this though. As the story progresses we see how the Banana Guard’s existence has impacted citizens of Candy Kingdom. The Banana Guard is like joining a secret society, only with real work. So you can see why it’s appealing to non-bananas that want an important role. This issue does do a great job of setting up the rest of the series. I expect there to be a bunch of bananas in the next issue.

REVIEW: Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #1As always the art was whimsical and full of color. However, I did find the cover to be a little menacing. Princess Bubblegum does not look friendly at all. The variant covers seem to be a better representation of the story and lightheartedness of the book. They stayed true to the appearance of the characters in the show inside this issue. This is great because it creates a continuity between the comic and the cartoon. I loved that Mr.. Cupcake’s flashback scene about a banana was done in monochromatic yellow. I found this to be very fitting given the story. This carried on into the mini story at the end too.

Speaking of the mini story, I like it a lot! Who doesn’t love a story about punch that likes to party? There wasn’t much dialogue, but it didn’t need it. The art showcased what was going on. I was pleased to see that the mini story tied in with the main story. In the ongoing series it always seems to be something short and unrelated. I’d love to see them continue this throughout the mini series.


This is definitely a book kids will enjoy reading. It’s fun for those of us that are kids at heart too. I may have to keep reading this story arc just to see what crazy things will happen. I’d love to know what happens once we get inside the Banana Guard Academy. I have a feeling it will be disastrous and very amusing. I can’t wait to see what other fun touches they add to the art. Plus, I really love that they show people following their dreams in this issue. I think that’s important in a book with kids as their target audience. One a less serious note I can safely say my favorite character in this issue is Mr.. Gingerbread Muto. He’s slightly terrifying and amazing. I also hope that Root Beer Guy continues to narrate as the story continues. At the end of the day I’m happy to see that whether it’s the cartoon or the comic, Adventure Time is something you can enjoy at any age.

“Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #1” earns 9/10

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