Revelations and Marriage Proposals in Batwoman

ImageThere certainly is more than one way to reveal your secret identity to your significant other.

In issue #17 of Batwoman, Kathy Kane reveals to her girlfriend Maggie Sawyer that she is Batwoman in one panel and asks for her hand in marriage in the next one.

This issue was also significant in the fact that it is writer/artist J.H. Williams III’s last issue on art duties. Trevor McCarthy will be coming on board with the start of next issue’s new story arc. Williams will continue to be co-writer of the book with W. Haden Blackman.

News of this development comes at a time when DC is facing criticism for their hiring of Orson Scott Card to a digital The Adventures of Superman comic. Card has expressed views against homosexuality, and fans and retailers have reacted to his hiring for the comic with a boycott.

The fallout of the revelation and Maggie’s potential answer are sure to be felt in issue #18 of Batwoman, available on March 20, 2013.