RECAP/REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 2×13 “Land of the Lost”

This week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow takes us into two of the most dangerous places: the inside of the mind and the ancient past.

The episode opens with the compass not really working too well.  Sarah and Jax talk about what’s going on.  They then tempt fate by saying he’s in the brig where he ‘can’t hurt anyone.’

Then we cut to Rip, who uses a Captain’s override command to get out of the brig and run some real damage to the ship.  He also steals the medallion from the compass and destroys it while fighting Amaya, Mick, and Nate.

The ship crashes in the middle of the winter in a somewhat sub-par CG sequence in the Cretaceous Period.  Mick tells the team about cognitive intrusion, a Time Master technique for coerce information and obedience out of people.  Sara, Martin, and Mick agree on trying it.  Ray, Amaya, and Nate go out into the wilderness to retrieve a ship component they need to escape the Cretaceous.

Nate and Amaya have a romantic scene involving a snake.  Then, Ray interrupts them, having accidentally gotten the attention of Gertrude, a dinosaur.  Meanwhile, Sara and Jax enter Rip’s mind and meet constructs of all of Rip’s old enemies and a construct of Sara herself.

Sara fights Rip’s construct of her.  The fight has some of the best choreography the show has done, with both Saras  perfectly matched.  Jax has to end the fight by shooting evil!Sara.  Out in the Cretaceous period, Ray interrupts another potential love scene between Nate and Amaya.  Then, we see Sara get captured and thrown in the brig, where she finds good!Rip curled in on himself.  Jax, meanwhile, meets a construct of Gideon, who gives him good information.

Sara talks to Rip, who, in his head, has superpowers.  In the Cretaceous period, Nate, and Ray discuss Amaya and her future.  Ray reveals to Nate that Amaya has a destiny, and loving her may alter that and threaten many lives.  Then, we cut to Mick and Martin.  Mick gives a panicky Martin a dressing-down about mortality and treating his partner like an adult.  Back on Rip’s mental Waverider, Sara gives Rip a motivational speech and then brain!Gideon and Jax get them out of the brig.   They get accosted by evil versions of Sara and Firestorm.

In the ensuing fight, Jax draws evil!Firestorm off while the Saras fight.  Gideon tries to escape to the parlor with Rip.  In the Cretaceous period, the delineator is in the middle of Gertrude’s next.  Then we see Sara and Jax defeat their evil selves, and Amaya communes with Gertrude.  Back onboard, Sara and Jax help Rip believe in himself and get off the ship.  Rip and mind!Gideon have a lovely kiss, and then he wakes up.  So yes, Rip is officially in love with his vessel.

After everyone has returned to real Waverider, Nate and Amaya have one more flirty scene.  Ray doesn’t interrupt this one, but he does talk to Nate.  Nate tells him that he does not feel casual feelings for Amaya. Then, Martin tells Jax how much he respects him.  Sara and Rip have a brief conversation, and after she leaves, Gideon reveals that somehow, she knows that she and Rip kissed and she ‘enjoyed it.’

On the bridge, Rip reunites with the team, and they get ready to go get the final piece of the Spear of Destiny.  Meanwhile, in 1970, Damien Darhk menaces an astronaut.

This episode finds its best scenes onboard the Waverider in Rip’s head.  I continue to not enjoy the romantic subplot involving Nate and Amaya.  I think her dynamic with Mick had more chemistry, honestly.  That said, seeing that Rip/Gideon is officially canon now, the show hasn’t totally messed up the romantic angle.

I also really appreciate Mick getting to stand up for himself a little in this episode.  I still can’t stand how his teammates treat him.  Hopefully we’ll see Len in some capacity soon — he’ll appear on The Flash‘s next episode, after all.

Overall, an above average entry into the season!  I look forward to seeing where this goes.


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