READY PLAYER ONE shifts to March 2018

9969571Following Disney’s decision to move Star Wars VIII to December 2017, Warners Brothers have moved Steven Spielberg‘s Ready Player One to March 30th 2018. The adaptation of Ernest Cline‘s fan favorite novel was set to open on December 15th in 2017, with Olivia Cooke as the main female lead. However, when Disney moved the latest episode of its space saga to the same date, Warner Bros. were not willing to play chicken with one of the biggest franchises of all time, and instead choose to change dates.

In order to avoid the wrath of Star Wars, Ready Player One has been moved to March 30th, a little over 10 weeks after its original release date. In this slot it will go head to head with Universal’s reboot The Wolf Man. However, when looking at the release schedule, it seems likely that Warner Bros. has not finalized their schedule quite yet. March 2018 already has 2 other titles from the studio, an Untitled WB Event Film on March 3rd, and The Flash on March 16th. On top of that they have an Untitled New Line Tentpole project opening on April 20th, three weeks after Ready Player One‘s new release date.

The cluttered program in March, where Warner Bros. currently have four films across a span of six weeks, all with budgets likely exceeding 100 million dollars, makes it reasonable to assume that they will move at least one film out of this time period. Based on the current listings, one of the untitled projects seem like your best bet for which films will move. However, it is possible the studio has decided to lay claim to March. Depending on what projects they announce for their untitled bookings, it might even be that other studios decide to let the Warner Bros. go for broke this month, and instead challenge them later on in the year.

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