“Rat Queens #2”


At the end of “Rat Queens #1” we left Hannah, Violet, Dee, and Betty with a smashed assassin and a troll to deal with. This issue deals with their troll fight and their suspicions about who set them up.

I was extremely impressed with issue #1, mainly because after the first page of it I thought I was going to hate it because of all the crude jokes. I kept reading and it really damn impressed me, because all those crude jokes set the girls up to be something unique and different. It made them seem real, because it really fit their personalities.

No disappointment on issue #2, the jokes were fewer but the action was greater, so it had a good balance. Can’t insult someone as much when you’re battling a troll: scratch that—when you’re throwing swords into a troll so your little friend can use the swords to climb up the troll and then stabs its eyes out leaving your team the victor. Hell yeah.

As a girl reading comic books I sometimes find it tiring to always find female characters in skin-tight, cleavage-baring costumes and super unattainable bodies. (Seriously, I don’t know many women who work out that much and still maintain curves.) A good chunk of the girls I read about are goody-two-shoes who are virtuous and righteous. The other half are sexy and slink about using sex appeal to help them attain their goals. The girls in Rat Queens are just roundy girls who like to get drunk and fight. Yeah, Hannah shows some cleave and has a short skirt (seems to fit her personality so far), but the other girls are wearing normal stuff for their time period! I love it!

I’m going to bust this out for you, but the story and art are done by dudes. These dudes know what’s up. Awesome job! Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch, you’ve created a loyal follower of me.

In the real world Tattoogirl is known as Mai Byers and is a store manager at a video game store. She loves all things nerdy but has only recently gotten interested in the American comic book scene. She writes the column Point of Entry and reviews books and comics incessantly. It’s not just a clever name; she has 30 tattoos. Contact her at maibyers@gmail.com

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