Preview: “Uncanny Avengers #17”

Marvel Comics has released a preview of issue #17 of Uncanny Avengers, written by Rick Remender and penciled by Steve McNiven. The issue, which comes out February 26, 2014, and will cost $3.99. Click on the gallery below to see the Uncanny Avengers battle to save the earth from the Celestial Executioner!


Witness the Death of a Universe in UNCANNY AVENGERS #17!

This February, the Earth shattering Ragnarok Now arc reaches it staggering conclusion in UNCANNY AVENGERS #17 – from blockbuster writer Rick Remender and critically acclaimed artist Steve McNiven! The Earth has been sentenced to die. Obliterated at the hands of the Celestial Executioner. The Apocalypse Twins’ final revenge against Kang the Conqueror is complete – at the cost of the entire universe! Fractured, broken, and destroyed, the remaining Uncanny Avengers must assemble for one final stand. But are they too late? One planet dies. Another lives. Witness the birth of…PLANET X! Do not miss the issue everyone will be talking about when UNCANNY AVENGERS #17 hits comic shops this February!


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