Point of Entry: Winter Soldier: The Bitter March #s 1-2


Today I read Winter Soldier: The Bitter March issues #1 and #2. I was expecting to see Captain America being the shining pinnacle of the American hero-dream. After I finished these two issues, I’m not even 100% positive that I saw him at all.

I actually had to send a message to Josh Epstein (you know the guy) to clarify that I actually was reading a Captain America comic. After all, he was the one that gave me the recommendation when I requested him as a topic. I had no idea. I hadn’t seen the trailer for the new movie (yes, I live under a Netflix-crusted rock that doesn’t show movie trailers) and didn’t know Winter Solider was in the title.

He told me who Captain America was in the first issue and I still didn’t believe him until the second one. AND even at that point I’m not sure who was who in the flashback.

To me, it mainly seemed like a different spin on 007 where Ran Shen was James Bond; heck, there was even a train scene! I had also heard of Nick Fury before thanks to Samuel L. Jackson. So I at least knew I was in the right universe.

It seems cool enough, but it’s not really for a noob like me. This was the first-ever Captain America comic I’ve read. Not a good way to start out. I’ll have to try some other stuff and get back with you on if I even like the character. If he’s anything like the movie character version, I’m not a fan as much. He’s too boy scout. But if he’s this bad dude from Winter Soldier maybe, he’s not all that bad.