Point of Entry: Heroes For Hire: Fear Itself—Not Noob Friendly

(w) Dan Abnett  (w) Andy Lanning (a) Brad Walker (a) Tim Seely (a) Kyle Hotz
(w) Dan Abnett
(w) Andy Lanning
(a) Brad Walker
(a) Tim Seely
(a) Kyle Hotz

Heroes For Hire is a crash course in Marvel heroes for noobs. The only heroes I recognized were Spider-Man and Elektra (and I only know her from the Daredevil movie). There were some cool people I got to learn about like Paladin and Satana, but, for the most part, I just got brief glimpses of what peoples’ names were and (sort of) their powers and abilities.

The main theme to Heroes For Hire was interesting. A cool chick called Control (aka Misty) sets up missions for heroes based on their skill sets. Sometimes the heroes elect to get paid, others do it for free, and some have their fee sent to certain charities. But the stories in the trade were a little less fun. The first and last stories about dealing with “hook,” an Atlantean drug, didn’t really need any additional explaining. Also, the epic one in the middle where Misty and her heroes deal with “objects that fell from the sky” is so out of nowhere that it really ruined it for me. It was like there was a oneshot that definitely shouldn’t have been a oneshot just thrown in the middle of a story line. Add that it had no real conclusion and jumped directly back into the “hook” storyline, and it was just frustrating.

I might try this later, because I like to see ladies playing promite characters in anything, but until I figure out who is who in Marvel (because I’m a complete noob when it comes to Marvel) I’m staying far away from this.

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