Point of Entry: Guardians of the Galaxy—Blam! Murdered You!


What I knew about Guardian’s of the Galaxy before reading this: that it had a pretty cover.

What I think now: I loved everything that was in Guardians of The Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers. I loved the art, the humor, the betrayal, the father-son banter, and the Groot.

I had originally read issue one a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I put it aside to wait for the trade. When I picked up the trade I was pleasantly surprised with a prologue about how Star-Lord’s parents got together and how he learned about intergalactic battle. It really added some depth to the story.

Then the story proceeds to make me laugh more than once (which doesn’t always happen in comics even when they’re trying to be funny):

“So, this is what you do now? Hang out in bars and hit on questionable women?” – Dad (King of Spartax)
“Jealous?” – Son
“Yes” – Dad.

And then again:

“Gamora—the most dangerous woman in the universe” – Dad
“Jealous?” – Son
“Yes” – Dad.

The laughter continues when we’re introduced to the crazy-funny Rocket. He’s blood thirsty, genetically-altered, and a raccoon. He is the comic relief by having awesome one-liners, like “Blam! Murdered you!” and regaling the folks at bars with his stories of war.

The betrayal was pretty awesome too especially because it was coming from the Star-Lord’s own father. Those are the best, aren’t they? We see snippets of how the King of Spartax is planning on twisting the galaxy around his little finger and how it involves his son. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Another helping of awesomeness came from The Groot, a tree who fights and says, “I’m Groot.” Um, that doesn’t sound awesome, but trust me, it is.

Other tidbits: while Googling Guardians of the Galaxy for this post I found out that there is going to be a movie. Oooh. That’s exciting. I guess I read this at just the right time. You all probably knew this already, but for all you noobs out there like me, I’ll leave you with the following.


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