Point of Entry: Gotham Central


I don’t normally do Point of Entry over anything set in Batman’s universe. My reasoning behind this is that it’s the only comic that I actually do know a lot about. I’ve watched movies, cartoons, and read a whole lot of comics. For a noob, I’m pretty versed in Batman. But Gotham Central is a whole new ballgame and thus made me think I should do a PoE.

Gotham Central is not a Batman comic. Sure, Batman is in it from time to time, and we do see cameos from Gotham’s finest villains. But it’s not about them. It’s about the police force who are trying to solve these hideous crimes while they reluctantly wait for Batman to swoop in and save the day. In the first volume, you see Mr. Freeze and Two-Face wreck havoc on the detectives lives, but you also see how the detectives deal with stuff normal police officers deal with like losing a partner or being outed. Honestly, you could take Batman out and swap Gotham’s supervillains for other villains and you’d still have a solid story.

Do I recommend this to other noobs? Not if you’re going into this thinking it’s a Batman story. You will be disappointed. If you like noir and police drama then by all means try this. It will be to your liking. I’m glad I read it because I like all of those things. I will finish this series.

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