POINT OF ENTRY: Astro City—Confession

Astro City came highly recommended to me by a friend that for the most part has similar tastes. I thought I was going to get something I really liked when I saw that there was also an introduction by Neil Gaiman.

After reading the introduction—now knowing that I was supposed to look for what the graphic novel was saying as opposed to just the normal story line—I got pretty exited. I read and thought and read and thought. And now that I’m done? Honestly, I don’t really know what I was supposed to be searching for or what this book was supposedly telling me about the whole genre of hero comics. It was just another dark hero comic for me.

I think I would have enjoyed it more had I not read the intro. While the art style is not my fave (looks outdated) it’s still beautiful, and the coloring is great. I enjoyed the intrigue of trying to find out who and what the Confessor was. I got caught up in the ending wanting to know if the Altar Boy could live up to his own and the Confessor’s expectations and if he could become as good as his father.

But now that I’m done and I didn’t find what I was searching for…I’m still left unsatisfied. Maybe I’ll come back and read it again once I’m done with more comics and see if I can figure it out then.

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