I was assigned Alias because of Marvel’s and Netflix’s big hook up. Jessica Jones is supposed to be visiting our Netflix queues in the near future, so Josh had me check it out. I have a sneaking suspicion he may have also given me this to have me check out a strong female lead character. If you read Comic Squabble you’ll know that I get all up in arms about having the majority of the awesome chicks I read about being “big boobed sticks in spandex.” Luckily (and lucky for Josh 😀 ) Jessica Jones is not one of those characters. She’s a disillusioned, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, ex-super-hero and she’s pretty real as far as fictional characters go.

I really liked Jessica, and I really liked her first story about Captain America and her being set up. I really wanted to like the whole series, but, honestly, I got bored. I’m assuming this is in part because I don’t really know who some of the comic book cameos are. Also, this kind of reminds me of Gotham Central which I read not too long ago. I’m guessing that there is nothing wrong with this series—just the timing was off. I’ll have to revisit it when it’s been longer since I’ve read Gotham Central and when I know more about the Marvel Universe.

So is this noob friendly? Sort of. I mean, I could follow the whole story, but the problem was because I didn’t know all these characters I was just missing out on half the fun. If you know anything about Marvel you’ll probably love it and so will I, later on…

As an aside: I loved the way the artist portrayed Jessica. When she listens to potential clients and doesn’t move for five or six panels while the client goes on and on is magnificent. It tells a lot about her personality.

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