Point of Entry: Sin City: The Hard Goodbye

Frank Miller

Dark Horse

When I started Sin City I started them in the wrong order. I was first getting into American comics, I had already seen the movie, and I thought that I needed to read the epic tale that is Sin City. I was so excited to get into it that I read the second book first.

While I liked A Dame To Kill For, it does not compare to The Hard Goodbye. This installment is where most of the Sin City movie comes from. It’s the story of Marv chasing down Goldie’s killer.

Marv is such a sympathetic character. Yeah, he’s a violent bruiser, but it’s like he doesn’t know how to be anything else. He’s slow and “get’s confused” but that makes him all the more likable. In A Dame To Kill For Dwight describes him as being born in the wrong time and, to paraphrase, he’d of had girls thrown at him during gladiator times. And that’s true. While there is violence in our modern society, the brutality that is Marv needed to be someplace else. He needed to be born someone else, a gladiator, a viking, a part of the Mongolian Empire, anything but a regular man.

The story and art are superb in this book. People argue with me on this and say that it’s overrated. I disagree wholeheartedly. I like noir. I like to hear stories that start out like, “The night is hot as hell. Everything sticks. It’s a lousy room in a lousy part of a lousy time.” (That’s exactly how this starts.) If you don’t like noir then this isn’t for you, but if you do or if you don’t know if you do, then try this out. It’s rich in depravity, style, and features art defined by stark contrast. That said, if you didn’t like the movie, then you probably won’t like this.

My art is the favorite part. It helps tell the story in a way that words can’t. Outlines of people are drawn through rain; violent onomatopoeia outline violent scenes. It’s really creative, and I’d be hard pressed to find art in a comic that I like better than this.

This is good for comic enthusiasts but also for people that just like a good and imaginative story. Noobs definitely give it a try but make sure you start at The Hard Goodbye. 😀

Verdict: 9/10

Don’t forget, August 22nd is the new movie. Hopefully you’re as excited as me. Check out their website.

I’ll leave you with my favorite page of Sin City. It also happens to be the back cover to the trade: