Point of Entry: Fables: Legends in Exile Old Stories, Brand New Vision

Bill Willingham (writer) / Lan Medina (artist) / Steve Leialoha (artist)

Vertigo TPB $12.99

2347555-fable_new_edition_coverThis was my second attempt at reading Fables I tried it the first time back when I first started reading English language comics. At that time, I only wanted to read comics about Batman, so I don’t feel like I gave it a good chance even though I love fairy tales. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even read very much or start at the beginning. So when I picked this one up I totally put the other experience behind me like it never happened, and it’s a good thing too, because I enjoyed this so much.

Fables: Legends in Exile is the story of what all the characters of old are doing right now. As it turns out, they were all run out of their fairy kingdoms by a bad guy named The Adversary; Snow White is running the show; Prince Charming (Snow White and Cinderella’s ex) is swindling women; the Big Bad Wolf (Bigby Wolf) is the law in the town; they are all not living happily ever after. Why aren’t they living happily ever after? Because they are all trying to find out who killed Rose Red.

I really enjoyed watching everyone’s reactions to other characters and seeing how much of their fairy tale is incorporated into their character. For example, Bigby’s shadow is that of the big bad wolf, and Prince Charming charms his way into and out of things.

As for the art, I just loved it. What more could you ask for? And the flashbacks…they look like they were cut out of a story book. Seriously, each flashback has a fancy border around it that just screams “Once upon a time.” Same goes for chapter titles. For example, in “Chapter One: Old Tales Revisited,” we meet many of our principal players and get just the first hint or two of some of the myriad of troubles to come.

fables legends exile

So if you love fairy tales and fables like I do, read it. If you like awesome world building, read it. If you don’t like fairy tales, you’ll probably still enjoy it because you could take it all in jest. Just give it a try.

And in case you didn’t know (I didn’t know and I work at a video game store) A Wolf Among Us the TellTale Game, is based off of Bigby Wolf and Fables. So if you like this and video games you might want to check it out. It’s coming out on disk this fall so it’s something to watch out for if you haven’t already download the episodes. I’m going to wait for next gen…


Verdict: 10/10