Oni Press Teases March Madness Event to Roll Out New Titles

Portland-based independent comics publisher Oni Press announced today that they would be rolling out a new line of titles in a unique way.

Rather than simply announcing the titles right off the bat, the publisher has decided to do rolling announcements beginning at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle on Thursday, March 19th and revealing them over the course of the following week.

While the initial release didn’t announce any of the titles themselves, Oni Press did reveal the names of the creators involved, which should serve as sufficient fodder for a fair amount of fan speculation.

The creators included Marc Guggenheim (The CW’s Arrow), Christos & Ruth Gage (Netflix’s Daredevil), Cullen Bunn (Hellbreak, The Sixth Gun, Terrible Lizard), Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages), Drew Moss (Terrible Lizard), Nick Filardi (Helheim), Justin Greenwood (Stumptown, Wasteland), Meredith McClaren (Hinges), Ben Towle (Oyster War), Scott Kowalchuk (Down Set Fight!), Dennis Culver (Edison Rex), Christopher Sebela (High Crimes), Ryan Hill (Stumptown, Rick and Morty), Rashad Doucet, and Matt Gardner.

Have any ideas what might be coming when the announcements start flowing? Let us know in the comments!


Josh Epstein

Josh Epstein is the Publisher for the Capeless Crusader website. He’s a lifelong comic nerd, and “Superman” is the first word he ever read aloud. He is also an actor, singer, and resident of a real-world Smallville.

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